We are thrilled to introduce this litter produced by Sassafras & Thunder.

We have five girls and 3 boys, all are doing great. You can keep up with their growth here, we will be placing weekly pictures of each. Each pup will have their own spot so that we can proudly show their changes.

The first vet appointment where declaws and tails were fixed, also an examination of each pup. They will again return to vet to start their first vaccinations in a few weeks ( vet starts at week 5).

In chocolate covered, we have this full suited male.

1 full suited TRI-chocolate male with small white streak between the eyes & small amount of white on his chest]. He is big at less than 24 hours old. We are calling him Moose. He is $3500

RESERVED Moose at week 1

RESERVED Moose at week 2

RESERVED Moose at week 3

RESERVED Moose at week 4

1 full suited sable with beautiful dark mask and matching darker ears. A touch of white on nose, chin & chest. A good sized male. His name is Teddy. He is $2750.

Teddy at week 1

Teddy at week 2

Teddy at week 3

Teddy at week 4

Teddy at week 5

Now in Black color, we have 3 females:

1 full bodied black-Tri  with distinctive white head that features right black eye patch and left black patch on ear area, with white feet. Her name is Nala. She is $3000.

Nala at week 1

Nala at week 2

Nala at week 3

Nala at week 4

Nala at week 5


1 beautiful black bodied with white dipped feet. Face has black mask that covers her eyes with distinctive crowned kiss on her head. With white chest but black heart shape mark in it. Her name is Gigi, she is $3000

Gigi at week 1

Gigi at week 2

Gigi at week 3

Gigi at week 4

Gigi at week 5


1 Black Tri suited female, with only traces of white, beautifully marked down her nose and between her eyes, we call her Millie, she is $3000
Millie at week 1

Millie at week 2

Millie at week 3

Millie at week 4

Millie at week 5

In the Merle littermates, we have 1 male & 2 females. 2 of which are tiny but have been strong since birth and we will list them for now.

1 blue Merle Tri female, she is good sized. She is mostly full suited but has a white stripe between her eyes, down her chin, neck & chest. We call her Iris, she is $3500.

RESERVED Iris at week 1

Reserved Iris at week 2

Reserved iris at week 3

Reserved Iris at week 4

1 chocolate Tri Merle male. White stripe between eyes and on chest. We do feel this boy, though small at present, will do fine. His name is Percy. He is $3000.

Percy at week 1

Percy at week 2

Percy at week 3

Percy at 4 weeks

Percy at week 5

1 lilac Tri Merle female , small framed but she doesn’t care she demands her time at the milk bar! We call her Pinky and she is $3500.

Pinky at week 1

Pinky at week 2

Pinky at week 3

Pinky at week 4

Pinky at 5 weeks

we also do live video chats ( we ask video chats to be limited to 15 minutes) with pups on request and by appointments.