Champion Big Daddy’s Caramel

Sire: Beefy  Bulldogges’ Buford Pusser

Dam: Vega’s Minnie

DOB August 28 2014

Achievements:  American Bully Kennel Club Champion

Mocha has raised her last litter and after they have all left she will continue to be the Queen of our couch!  We have owned her since she was 8 weeks old and continues to bring our family such joy and comfort, we think she is human!

Pedigree of Big Daddy’s Caramel Mocha

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE  Beefy Bulldogges’

Buford Pusser

Rock Rolls’ Ezekiel of


Rockrolls’ Royce
Sullivan’s Heidi Blue
Stonehenge’s Princess Jade’s Envy of Beefy Bulldogges
DAM Vega’s Minnie Vega’s Manolo P.H.K’s Matador
Vega’s Fiera
Soldier’s Yuma Guardian’s Gromit
Sentinel’s Patches