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  1. Your site looks great! Folks, these pups are outstanding pets – I highly recommend that anyone looking for an Olde English Bulldog consider RJs Bulldogge Heaven! Their pups are raised with love and it shows in their temperaments. In fact, they produce such outstanding dogs that we have a collection of 4! They’re amazing dogs!!!

  2. That carmel mocha girl is beautiful! Her and big mac would make an awesome litter unless they are related!💙💜

  3. Thank you for your compliments on our Bulldogges
    Mocha has been breed to a blue Tri out of Auburn Massachusetts. Her and I just took a week journey and completed the breeding. It was a 3000 mile round trip with a few sight seeing along the way.

  4. Thank you Mark & Tina we love keeping up with your crew and get jealous sometimes of the trips they get to enjoy, we love Florida to you know. LOL

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