First, thank you for finding us and then choosing us out of the many breeders available. Every dog, registered or not, deserves to be loved and cared for.

We do our reservations like this-
1st through last choice male OR female, begins AFTER we receive your deposit.

“Picks”  can be chosen any time but has to be final by the end of the third week of age so that others can make their pick.

For those getting 2nd – last choice, I recommend having multiple choices just in case the person ahead of you picks out the one you are looking at. That way you have your favorites.

No reserve choice is accepted without a deposit and deposits are non-refundable to prevent people from just compulsively reserving and then backing out which affects everyone by someone not getting their 1st choice, to others just not purchasing because their choice was already taken.

Deposit’s are $500 and we can take a check but choice isn’t considered guaranteed until check clears bank.

We do PayPal (friends n family to prevent charging you the 3% they charge), we also accept Walmart to Walmart payment, Venmo.

Don’t forget we also offer financing. Look for that page here on this website.